Alessandra, Barry, baby Leonardo, Dennis, Serena and Eric Sparks

Alessandra, Barry, baby Leonardo, Dennis, Serena and Eric Sparks

Hello everyone!
My name is Barry Sparks and I am a professional musician.
For the last 30 and past years, I have been making records and touring the world with some amazing Rock bands like Ted Nugent, Dokken, Scorpions, U.F.O., Michael Schenker, Yngwie Malmsteen and now Japan's greatest band, B'z; 
also my own band.
My wife is Alessandra, she is from Lecce, Italy, and that's where we got married in 2007. She is my number one fan!
Together we  have four kids, Serena, Dennis, Eric and baby boy Leonardo.
In the past 10 years, we've had lots of adventures traveling all over Europe, Japan, and of course, the States :)
         This site is a great opportunity for me to get a bit more in depth with my interests in guitars,  music and...Yes..woodworking too!
Also, my "addiction" to vinyl collecting :)

This is why we decided to put together a website where we can share stories, pics and offer tips for anyone who likes music, traveling and life in between!
...Join us in...


Hi there! I am Alessandra Sparks and I am so excited to see you can join us!                             
I am a mother of four wonderful kids....and...the lucky wife of Barry Sparks :)
In this fun blog, I will be the one (pretty much) posting about "girlie stuff"..the joys and hard work of motherhood, traveling with little kids and supporting my husband's career, which includes being on the road for long periods of time...sometimes!
But Hey! I can prove to you that, even though it might sound like an impossible mission, it can actually be LOTS OF FUN! and a beautiful opportunity for your family to grow closer and more curious about other cultures and BELIEVE ME...I get to meet some very awesome people!
I hope that with this blog, we can inspire people to get out and explore the world and also encourage parents to feel more confident about doing things with their kids... :)

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